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Boating License Ontario -

Fun and safety go hand in hand. Get your boating license the easy and safe way.

International Hydrofoil Society -

An all volunteer, not-for-profit organization of and for people who design, build, operate, or simply are interested in commercial, military, research, or recreational hydrofoils of any size.

Monaco Yacht Charter -

Luxury yacht charters and boat rentals in Monaco. Choose from over 200 yachts to rent from the ports of Monaco, including yacht charters for the Monaco Grand Prix.

Oregon Rafting Trips -

Oregon rafting trips are the premier way to experience our beautiful state. Rivers in Oregon known for rafting trips include the Rogue River, and North Umpqua rivers. You can spend 4 hours flying through white water or you can spend four days relaxing under the stars in the evenings as you ride the white water rapids during the day.