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Electronics and Electrical

AAK Corporation -

A pioneer in the design and manufacture of AC/DC and DC/DC power sources.

Apex Cables -

Supplier of quality cable products for the world wide market.

Concorde AGM Aircraft Battery -

The leader in sealed, lead acid and aircraft batteries - Concorde. Manufacturer of the world famous RG series, sealed, lead acid aircraft batteries.

Deep Cycle Marine Batteries Shipped to You -

Need batteries for your boat, BD Batteries can ship them to your door nationwide with the best battery pricing available. BD supplies Lifeline Batteries, chosen by top manufacturers worldwide as their OEM Marine battery. UL, MIL-SPEC, USCG & CE approved.

Digital Panel Meter -

At Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works, all meters (both analog and digital), testers, transducers and various panel-mounted components are built to satisfy the most demanding customers and are built to last in the field.

Gemssensors Digital Pressure Switch -

Gems 9000 series CANbus digital pressure sensor accurately meets the demands of the test and measurement industry, including automotive and marine applications.

PCB Assembly Services -

We provide low cost printed circuit board assembly services in United Kingdom to meet the growing demands of worldwide customers.

SunXtender Solar Battery -

The Solar batteries from other manufacturers just are not as efficient as the industry leading SunXtender Solar Battery. At 90 percent efficiency, 110% power charges, 90% percent of the charge is returned. Flooded batteries have 40% to 60% efficiency.